Hospitality is our business

Ideal for local or foreign property owners looking for comprehensive assistance.

About La Conciairgerie

La Conciairgerie was created in 2011. We have developed a tailor-made service to guarantee a quality welcome and stay for travelers from all over the world.

We are driven by the satisfaction of the apartment owners we manage, the success of travelers' stays, and the continuous improvement of our services.

Do you have a property you'd like to offer for seasonal rental?

La Conciairgerie manages all your rentals. Our complete concierge service takes care of everything.

Paris, Geneva, Lausanne, Vevey, Montreux, Crans-Montana, Verbier - we're here to help.

Quality service

Our teams are committed to providing a professional service that makes travelers feel right at home.

Efficient technology

Follow the performance of your property in real time thanks to our application.

Passenger satisfaction

Our customer service team takes care of every traveler, responding quickly to their needs and concerns.

Local expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of different markets enables us to constantly optimize the management of your property.

Increase your income by 30%.

Optimize the profitability of your property.

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We manage your Airbnb rentals from A to Z.

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