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A city open to the world

Barcelona is a privileged destination for tourism. Throughout the year, more than 7 million tourists come to visit the city, making it the 7th most visited city in Europe. To accommodate them, the real estate market is important; 900,000 people stay in apartments rented on the Airbnb platform. There are more than 20,000 different ads that offer accommodation at an average price of about 70€/night. The flow of travellers is dense and regular throughout the year. La Conciairgerie knows this market perfectly and has mastered the particular features inherent to the city to be able to promote and enhance each apartment in Barcelona.

Guaranteed profitability

Owning a home in Barcelona provides numerous opportunities to make it profitable. Short-term seasonal rental is one of the most successful. Indeed, La Conciairgerie generates on average 3 times more income on an apartment in Barcelona by renting it on Airbnb than on a traditional long-term rental. A property that is estimated at €1,000/month in traditional rental is capable of generating more than €3,000/month with La Conciairgerie’s service.

A regulated and viable market

The city of Barcelona has fought to ensure that the supply of apartments for short-term rentals is better controlled. As of today, Airbnb brings in more than 750 million Euros to the capital of Catalonia, and the supply of apartments for rent on platforms like Airbnb is better defined. Illegal rental apartments are very rare. With La Conciairgerie, take advantage of a personalized follow-up to give you the best advice in order to comply with the legislation and generate income thanks to your short-term rentals. Rental for 120 days or full-time, primary or secondary residence, full accommodation or private room, all configurations are possible with different regulations. All the apartments that La Conciairgerie holds in management comply with the law and generate several thousand Euros.



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